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Glitter Ravenclaw

Part 2 - Journal date: 2nd of September, 1993

I've just read again what I wrote as an introduction and I wonder what I had in mind. This isn't supposed to be read by anyone else, is it? I mean, it's not as if I was writing my memoirs or something. It's more like a diary, even if I don't like that word because it makes it sound like a little girl thing ("dear diary" and stuff - so ridiculous!). But, diary or not, it's clear I'll keep these notes for myself. All I want is to make sure I won't forget about the little things that make this place special, because Aunt Sandra told me she wished she remembered more of her days here.

- - -

(August 1993 - holidays before Leander's fifth year)

Being the only other non-Muggle person in the family, Sandra Griffin-Lewis has taken the habit of accompanying her nephew to Diagon Alley every year before the start of term. Actually, she does feel a little like a stranger there, since she married a Muggle and has barely ever seen any witch or wizard after that, except for one old school friend and, of course, Leander.

"OWLs year already," she sighs while entering Flourish and Blotts to buy the new books Leander needs. "Only three years left. I suppose you think that’s a long time, but it won't seem so, believe me! Even less afterwards, when you look back at what you did there..."

"Do you miss Hogwarts that much?" Leander asks, surprised. "I thought you had told my dad you were better in the Muggle world..."

Sandra ponders her reply for a while before talking again.

"I like the Muggle world because that's where nearly all the people I care about are, but sometimes...yes, I miss my days at Hogwarts. I've got so many good memories of that place...and I wish I had more. There are so many things I forgot! Not only spells and potions recipes, but also a lot of moments that seemed unforgettable at the time. Not even letters that I wrote to my parents can bring back the memories I forgot, because I didn't tell them everything, of course... For the few big fits of giggles I had with Io and Lily that I remember, there are definitely plenty of others that I will never recall. And it works with plenty of other things... I should have written more."

"I would have liked to see what you would have written," Leander says, suddenly regretting too that his aunt hadn't been one to keep a diary. "To see how you were at my age."

"You still can ask your gran to show you my letters," Sandra suggests with a smile. "She kept them all, even if I'm not sure she understood very well what I was talking about... Well, at least you will understand."

Leander nods and smiles back. He will ask. Of course he will! He's so curious! And also...

When they leave the shop, he has all his schoolbooks, plus a blue paged notebook with a secrecy spell on it. He has no idea yet what he's going to write in it, but he's determined to use it to catch the best part of his last three school years, so he'll never forget.

- - -

I might copy some parts of this in letters to my family if something worth telling happens but, to be honest, I hope this year will be uneventful. We had enough last year with those scary attacks. I still can't believe how lucky we were that none of the people who came across that basilisk met his deadly gaze directly. And lucky that Harry Potter managed to kill it, saving the Weasleys’ little sister who had been imprisoned in the Chamber of Secrets by the mysterious heir of Slytherin. We all thought she was dead when Professor Flitwick told us what had happened.

- - -

(29th of May, 1993 - Leander's fourth year)

All the Ravenclaw students are gathered in their common room, terribly worried. Nobody knows exactly why they were sent back there in the middle of the morning, but it's not hard to guess that there's been another attack, just when they thought it would be all right at last, since Professor McGonagall announced at breakfast that Professor Sprout's Mandrakes were ready for cutting. Madam Pomfrey would brew the required potion to revive the Petrified people and, hopefully, one of them at least would be able to say something that would help catch the culprit. But now... What if the new victim died?

Leander is sitting next to Roger on a step of the staircase that leads to the boys' dormitories, trying to ignore the crowd and the noise of conversations. He first wanted to go to their room, but Roger stopped him saying that, surely, their Head of House would come and give them some explanations at any moment. So they're waiting.

Silence falls at once when professor Flitwick finally enters. Then horrified gasps and squeaks fill the room as he tells them about Ginny Weasley.

Fred and George's sister... Oh God!

Leander is too shocked to think of adding the usual "Or Merlin. Or both" he has taken from his aunt. And, a minute later, Roger has to nudge him to make him realize he's in the way of the students who have already started climbing the stairs. The Hogwarts Express will take them back home the next morning. They have to go and pack.

Leander follows Roger and the two other Ravenclaw fourth years inside their dormitory without saying a word, then sinks on his bed immediately. He would like to shut the curtains closed and just stay there alone with his own thoughts. He doesn't only because it would be like telling the other boys, "I don't want to talk to you." Not that his attitude reflects a very different message, actually, but they're so used to seeing him quiet and still that they don't pay attention to that. They just comment on the news and start gathering their things.

"Who knows if we'll ever come back here?" Bryan Jones sighs after a rather long pause in the conversation.

Not coming back... Leander can't even imagine that. Would he be forced to go to Alistair's Muggle school instead? He would have to start it in first year, then, since he obviously hasn't learned anything useful for a Muggle school at Hogwarts...

"They have to catch the heir of Slytherin. They have to," Lancelot Fawcett says in a desperate tone. "It's our future that's on the line."

Leander would never have put it in such an adult sort of way but yes, that's more or less what he was thinking too. Except that he feels guilty for worrying about not having the possibility to pass his OWLs - then his NEWTs - and even more about going to another school, full of unknown people, and being four years behind like a mentally retarded kid, when two of their classmates have almost surely just lost their little sister. Maybe the others feel like that, too, but, if they do, they're hiding it well. Especially Roger...

"Len?" he calls suddenly.

Roger always calls Leander "Len", because "Lee" is for Lee Jordan and it has never seemed to occur to him that no nickname was an option too (he, of course, calls the others "Bry" and "Lance").

"This book you lent me..." he goes on without waiting for an answer. "I haven't finished reading it but, since we're leaving, I suppose you want it back..."

Leander looks up and stares at the only person he can nearly call a friend with an expression of bewilderment. How can one care about a book now?

"Keep it," he says quickly as soon as he manages to talk. "You can send it back to me by owl later."

Roger thanks him, puts the book in his trunk with his own, and not any more than the others does he notice the perturbed look on his "best fan's" face.

A few seconds later, Leander finally shuts his bed curtains. Who cares if it offends the others? He might never see them again after tomorrow, anyway. And, actually, they're more likely to simply think he's being oversensitive. Again. But, for once, he doesn't care what they think. He just feels like crying. Because that little girl is dead and her brothers' grief must be atrocious, because he's scared about his next school year...and because he can't stand the thought of not seeing Roger Davies ever again.

- - -

Really, last year was awful. And my hopes that this one will go well are not too high... I mean, there's a mad prisoner on the loose and dementors all around the school, so we can't call it a good start of term, can we? On the other hand, those dementors, as horrible as they are, have been sent to protect us. With them guarding all the entrances, Sirius Black can't enter here.

Still, they're positively terrifying. They seem to freeze everything around, and make you feel so hopeless, cheerless, helpless... None of us looked well at all when one of those things entered our compartment. Roger would never admit it, but I bet he was nearly as scared as the girls and I were.

- - -

(1st of September, 1993 - Leander's fifth year)

As usual since their second journey on the Hogwarts Express, Leander has followed Roger in a compartment, taken a seat in a corner and started to read, stopping only twice – first to buy something to eat from the trolley witch, then to put on his wizard robes. He's still immersed in his book, totally oblivious of the others' conversation (Roger is talking with two of his Quidditch team mates, wondering to whom they'll give the place of a girl who graduated last June), when the train slows down, then stops completely.

A minute later, as nearly everyone is out in the corridor, asking others whether they know what made the train stop in the middle of nowhere, the lights go out all at once. Leander gives an exclamation of surprise and annoyance, then resignedly gropes for his bookmark.

Someone’s coming back in, banging into the door frame. It’s too dark for Leander to see who it is, but Roger's voice quickly makes asking useless.

"Len, are you still there? Do you know where my wand is? It must have fallen when I got up."

Before he could reply, Leander feels Roger's hand brushing his thigh, and he jumps slightly.

"Sorry. I was trying to figure out where exactly my seat was," Roger apologizes.

"It's okay..." Leander says in a quavering voice, strangely troubled by the accidental touch. "Lumos! I should have thought of doing this before."

He sees Roger smiling in the feeble light of the wand tip.

"Well, after two months in the Muggle world, I suppose that... What's happening again?"

The question's aimed to Cho Chang, who's just come back in too, running and looking very frightened, closely followed by her friend Marietta Edgecombe. But none of the girls seems able to speak, and the cause of their fright quickly appears very clear.

Leander drops his wand when he sees the monstrous creature. Instinctively, he moves closer to Roger, who grabs his hand and holds it reassuringly, just like Cho's on the other side.

The creature stays only for a few seconds, simply looking around, but that short time is enough to make everyone shiver as though the compartment was suddenly turned into a cold room and feel like there's no way for them to be happy ever again.

They all keep quiet and still, like stunned, for a good minute after the monster leaves.

"What was that?" Leander eventually asks in a whisper.

"A dementor," Roger explains, doing his best to keep his voice firm but obviously still in shock as well. "They normally guard Azkaban... I suppose this one was looking for Sirius Black."

"How can they let such horrible creatures in?" Cho manages to say between two sobs.

She has practically thrown herself at Roger and doesn't seem to have any intentions of moving away. She does look up for an instant when the lights come on at last, but then she lets her head fall on Roger's shoulder again and gives another sob. Marietta doesn't say a word or show any sign of noticing the train has started moving again. Curled up on the seat next to her friend, she obstinately keeps her head down and her arms around her folded knees. She's shaking at least as much as Cho.

Only when the trolley witch enters to advise them to eat something with chocolate in it does Marietta come out of her trance, Cho stop crying, and Leander realise, following the witch puzzled gaze, that he's still holding Roger's hand and sitting unnaturally close to him.

- - -

I feel rather stupid about that. Roger managed to appear relatively calm and brave when I was clinging at his hand and had to summon all my pride not to burst into tears like Cho. Or curl up like Marietta - actually, I think I would have done that if only I had been able to move.

Now I wonder if Cho cried on Roger's arms on purpose. I mean... She certainly had very good reasons to cry and search for comfort but...I don't know...you don't throw yourself at someone you don't like, do you? Well, of course she likes him; he's her friend as he's friends with all of his team mates, but is it only that? She also sat in front of him in the Great Hall afterwards, and talked to him more than to anyone else including Marietta. And he seemed to speak to her only, too.

Oh, who cares? If Roger wants to go out with his pretty little Seeker, it's none of my business, after all. Except that I'm curious.