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A Ravenclaw's Undiary

Fanfiction by Cybèle Adam

Leander Griffin
2 June 1978
This is a Harry Potter fanfiction. (The journal's named after its main original character and the location and date of birth are his too. Now, if you're curious to know mine, you can go to cybeleadam.)

Since the story's partially written as a diary (the other parts - behind the cuts - being scenes that "illustrate" the diary entries, giving more details and sometimes alternate point of views), I thought it would be nice to put it on Live Journal, with a wizarding layout. So here it is. Not sure that someone will read, but I don't really care. If you read, I'll be happy to know; if you don't, I'll keep on writing anyway, just for me and the few friends who seem to enjoy it.


It's about Ravenclaws...except that they make friends in other Houses.
It's about friendship...except that love can't be ignored.
It's about original characters...except that canon characters are there.
It's about students...except that Remus Lupin is important.
It's set during book 3...except that there are flashbacks.
And it's slashy...except that het ships are not absent.
In short it's a totally character-driven story.


PG-13 / T - that's all I'm able to write.
(Maybe R / M for language in some chapters... Insults are rated that, aren't they?)


It follows canon...except if you consider that mentions of past Sirius/Remus is in contradiction with it because of book 6 and 7. But I don't.

Canon characters who appear in the story: Remus Lupin, Roger Davies, Fred and George Weasley, Cedric Diggory, Marcus Flint, other Quidditch players (including Harry although my main characters never really meet him - well, Remus is his favourite teacher, of course, and Roger plays against him, but to my original characters he's just The-Boy-Who-Lived and the Gryffindor Seeker).


Even if some of the characters are mine, the wizarding world and other characters are J.K. Rowling's, of course. I'm not making any money with this story, I'm just having fun.

Thank yous:

To Maggie, who beta'ed the first 7 chapters and to Kathryn for beta'ing the others now.
To Akari, Nuwie and Miyu, who read and commented all I've sent them so far.